What Makes the Moscow Mule

Is the Moscow mule your favourite too? What do you know about this favourite cocktail? Apart from the fact that it is the perfect companion for a cold night or a warm December, there is something about these Moscow mule recipes that remains to be a secret. In fact, every cocktail drinker believes that this cocktail drink suites everything that is personal for everyone. Despite its simplicity compared to the other drinks available at the bar like the margarita, this spicy, ginger rich cocktail, finds itself in the hands of more people than one would expect.

Have you been ordering the Moscow mule the same way all these years? You must be surprised to find out that this drink lends itself to the creativity of the bar tender and the drinker. It can be any drink that you want it to be and still be the mule that it is. The two main ingredients that make up classic Moscow mule are the vodka and ginger beer. Although some bar tenders prefer to put in gin instead of vodka, the mule tastes practically the same – all too perfect.

The effect that the mule has on people who drink it is undeniably beautiful. It is not the kind of drink that will get you drunk because you feel so good or when you feel so bad about the world. Instead, it allows you to discover more about the idea behind drinking cocktails. Instead of getting drunk, you enjoy every sip of it because it allows you to put down your inhibitions and simply talk. After a few glasses of it, you become more honest about your perceptions of people and the world.

Whether it is gin or vodka you choose to use, you may want to be reminded that the original mule recipe used gin and ginger. Times may have changed it and the availability of vodka may have pushed gin aside, but the mule remains to be the delicious cocktail that it is with a little bit more spice.

If you are tired of the sour or lemony taste of the martini, you can always go for the Moscow mule. Its ginger content will give you that kick of spiciness that will make you fall in love. Whether served chilled or in room temperature, the kick will always be what will make it worth it.

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